Everything you need to know about professional microneedling in Wichita

You may be frustrated with dull or lackluster skin that isn’t as plump, supple, or healthy-looking as it once was.

If you are seeking a minimally-invasive way to address these concerns and gain more confidence in your skin, the experienced physicians at TR Aesthetics may be able to help with professional microneedling in Wichita.

Using an exciting new microneedling device, Secret™ RF, we are able to provide our patients with fractional radio frequency microneedling that delivers the results they are looking for – even in the summertime.

How does radiofrequency microneedling with Secret RF differ from traditional microneedling?

Traditional microneedling devices use a hand-held piece with ultra-fine, disposable needle tips to create micro-wounds on the skin.

Radiofrequency microneedling, like that performed with our new Secret RF machine, enhances the traditional microneedling procedure with radiofrequency (RF) energy. This electric energy is emitted from the needle tips to give you all the benefits of traditional professional microneedling, with the added benefit of boosted skin tightening and collagen production results.

The RF energy emitted by the needles gently and safely heats the dermis layer of the skin to 60°C (140°F) to prompt the body to begin producing new collagen and elastin and give skin a visibly firmer appearance.

In addition to the obvious benefits of increased collagen and elastin production, Secret RF’s ability to keep the skin surrounding the treated area intact minimizes the downtime you experience from your professional microneedling in Wichita at TR Aesthetics.

Secret RF is also unlike other fractional laser treatments in that there is dramatically less pain and recovery time associated with this procedure. Plus, unlike other laser treatments, we are able to offer this treatment in the summer months, giving you many more options for scheduling your appointment.

How to know if professional microneedling in Wichita is right for you

Acne scars, uneven skin tone or texture, stretch marks, sun damage, and fine lines and wrinkles can be frustrating and difficult—or even impossible to treat on your own. If you are struggling with these skin concerns, professional radiofrequency microneedling may be the treatment you’ve been looking for.

There is no skin type or complexion that does not benefit from microneedling with Secret RF, though it is important to note that results are not instant, and we may recommend a series of treatments in order to reap the full benefits.

Consider waiting or alternative treatments if…

Microneedling may not be ideal for everyone all the time. If you are currently experiencing active acne, have open wounds, have psoriasis or eczema, or have recently had any radiation therapy, you may want to consider waiting before coming to TR Aesthetics for professional microneedling in Wichita.

Microneedling is also not recommended for pregnant women or those who have trouble healing.

Do at-home microneedle rollers produce the same results as microneedling in Wichita?

The short answer is: not even a little bit. While at-home microneedle rollers may help enhance the effects of your topical serums and moisturizers, they cannot come close to matching the numerous benefits of professional microneedling.

Our equipment uses perfectly spaced, conductive microneedles that emit high-energy radiofrequency waves to penetrate the skin deeper and more evenly. Secret RF is a much more aggressive (and therefore more effective) microneedling treatment. Additionally, performing an abrasive treatment like this at home, rather than in a sterile clinical environment, greatly increases your chance for infection or scarring.

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, you may be able to, at best, achieve a brighter complexion with these devices. However, do not expect to use one of these at home rollers to stimulate collagen production or treat any lines or wrinkles like the professional microneedling in Wichita at TR Aesthetics can.

Let’s walk through what happens during a Secret RF microneedling treatment

All patients first receive a consultation with one of our experienced physicians to evaluate their unique skin type and features and to discuss their desires and goals for treatment. From there, we will walk you through the procedure(s) and treatment plan we recommend and can address any of your remaining questions or concerns.

Prepping the treatment area
When you come to TR Aesthetics for your professional microneedling appointment with the Secret RF device, we will begin by applying a topical numbing cream to the treatment area to minimize any discomfort you may feel from the procedure.

Professional microneedling
Using the latest laser technology, our microneedling device accomplishes what other microneedling devices do in half the time. The whole session lasts about 20 minutes, during which you will feel slight heating and some pressure on the treated area that most patients tolerate very well.

What happens afterwards
While there is no required downtime with this procedure and you are free to return to your regular activities after your session, we do recommend that you keep the treated skin very clean and unwashed until the following day. We also recommend taking the evening off from social activities and refraining from makeup or skincare treatments for 24 hours post-treatment.

Does professional microneedling hurt?

Thanks to the topical numbing cream we apply before your procedure, most discomfort will be minimized. Following the microneedling treatment, skin will be red and inflamed with some pinpoint bleeding. This may feel similar to a sunburn for 12-24 hours after the procedure is performed.

Because our Secret RF device delivers energy below the surface of the skin, little to no downtime is expected, unlike other aesthetic laser treatments which require you to take off work for days or sometimes over a week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

When will I see results from professional microneedling?

While you will notice visibly brighter and tighter skin from your first Secret RF session, most patients achieve their desired results after a series of 3-4 professional microneedling treatments.

While both methods show immediate results, the true benefits of using Secret RF vs. traditional microneedling will not be seen for approximately 6-8 weeks post-session, due to the radiofrequency technology in the needles. Results will also vary depending on how quickly your skin cells regenerate and produce new collagen and elastin.

After your initial treatments to achieve the results you desire, we recommend having a maintenance treatment every 12-18 months to ensure the results of your microneedling treatment are sustained.

Combine professional microneedling in Wichita with other aesthetic treatments for amazing results

TR Aesthetics offers numerous skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments, many of which can be complemented by Secret RF microneedling in Wichita.

To get the most out of your professional microneedling and injectable treatments, and to achieve a dramatically younger appearance, consider having BOTOX® or Dysport® injections 2-4 weeks before your Secret RF treatment to relax overactive muscles and treat dynamic wrinkles. Then, follow up your Secret RF treatments with dermal fillers to replace lost volume in the face and to further reduce wrinkles.

If you have extensive sun damage or pigmentation you’d like to address, we can pair your Secret RF microneedling treatments with broad band light (BBL) treatments like Forever Young BBL. This revolutionary procedure delivers light energy deep into the skin to more completely address brown spots and correct sun damage.

Finally, treat your beautiful new skin to a HydraFacial MD™ or one of our other customizable facials the week after your Secret RF treatment to brighten the complexion, promote healthy skin, and combat exposure to environmental pollutants. Microneedling results can be further maintained with routine monthly facials at TR Aesthetics.

When you visit TR Aesthetics for your consultation, we’ll review all of these suggestions and more to help you maximize the results of microneedling.

Why choose TR Aesthetics for your professional microneedling in Wichita?

At Troutman & Richardson Medical Aesthetics, we are proud to be the premier med spa in Wichita. All of our consultations and treatments are performed by board-certified physicians, so you can relax knowing you are safe in the most skilled and practiced hands in the area.

In addition to our highly trained physicians, we also invest vast amounts of time, energy, and money in research and continuing education to ensure we are offering the best aesthetic patient care possible with the latest technology.

The Secret RF device by Cutera utilizes radiofrequency technology to deliver more, and better, results than traditional microneedling alone and TR Aesthetics is currently the only provider in south Kansas to offer microneedling with this revolutionary device.

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