October Newsletter

Read this October newsletter as we highlight discuss laser options from our physicians. In addition, Angie talks about chemical peels

October Newsletter

This month we are going to spotlight lasers and light based treatments. When you look in the mirror, do you see uneven skin tones and brown spots? Are you bothered by facial redness, fine lines or wrinkles? Are any of these things concerns you would like to improve but have no idea where to start? Let us give you some lessons in Laser 101.
First, focus on your goals; what problems do you want to address? Second, it’s a good idea to define a budget you are comfortable investing. Third, think about whether or not you can accommodate any downtime in your schedule. Fourth, be open to understanding that your goals may take multiple steps to achieve. Patience may be necessary. After you have given these things some thought, it is time to select a trusted highly trained aesthetic physician. You need a physician who will provide a thorough evaluation, consultation and provide explanation regarding your treatment options.

Common questions we hear.

Maybe you’ve tried to do a little research on your own and just gotten totally confused. “Laser skin resurfacing”, “photofacial”, “fractional laser”, what does it all mean?? We want you to be informed, but not overwhelmed, so the following is a simplified primer on laser and light based therapy.
Q: Is there truly a “laser season”?
A: Yes, you are entering laser season now!!! Fall and winter are the best times to have laser and light based treatments. Multiple reasons for this, but the most important are these: 1) sun exposure tends to be less this time of year, which is critical following laser/light based treatments. and 2) we often need to allow time for tanned skin to fade so we can maximize our treatments.

Q; Will there be pain?

A: Generally, these procedures can be made relatively comfortable. We have multiple ways to enhance comfort through topical. We have topical numbing cream. Our practice also has ProNox. In some cases we will also offer lidocaine blocks/injections or oral medicine. Depending on the type of treatment, the patient experience and degree of pain control varies.

Q: Does it matter who performs my treatment?

A: YES! In the hands of a highly trained, skilled physician, light based and laser treatments can be profoundly effective to dramatically improve your skin’s appearance. Safety is also of utmost priority! In the hands of a poorly trained individual, lasers and light based treatments can be ineffective and dangerous. Don’t be afraid to question the treatment provider’s experience, training and qualifications.

Q: What are the differences in the types of lasers available at TR Aesthetics?

A: There is no one laser that can treat all patients, all skin types and all problems. Skin type refers to the amount of pigment in your skin, not all lasers are safe for darker skin. The following is a simplified explanation of the types of lasers available at TR Aesthetics. We are proud to offer Sciton equipment for our treatments. Sciton is one of the premiere, if not the premiere light based technology companies in the United States. Yes, these devices are made in the United States.