Medical Lasers in Wichita

If you’ve ever had any questions about medical lasers to help you achieve your skincare goals, you’re not alone.

TR Aesthetics in Wichita receives phone calls, emails, and in-person questions every day regarding the various lasers we use to achieve different effects for our clients.

We offer cutting-edge medical laser technology in Wichita to provide our clients with the very best, most efficient results as part of our overarching medical aesthetics program.

What is medical aesthetics?

TR Aesthetics practices medical aesthetics. This means that we have experienced physicians on our team who perform aesthetic procedures and advise patients on treatments from a medical point of view.

While the majority of aesthetic centers are in some way affiliated with a physician, this does not necessarily indicate this physician’s actual involvement in day to day operations or procedures.

In fact, most aesthetic treatments can be administered by aestheticians with training on only that one specific treatment.

We believe true medical aesthetics leads to a higher quality of services—and results. For our patients looking for aesthetic services, but are only comfortable with actual doctors determining their treatment plans and performing their procedures, TR Aesthetics may be the right fit for you.

What is a medical laser?

Laser technology has been used in aesthetics for decades.

However, recent advancements in this technology have allowed us to expand our understanding of how lasers can be used to target and treat different levels of the skin and body for a variety of effective treatments.

From skin resurfacing to vaginal health to laser hair removal—and everything in between—laser technology has allowed us to safely and effectively help our clients–with constantly evolving and improved treatments!

What medical lasers do we offer?

At TR Aesthetics, we are highly trained in medical lasers, and offer the following treatments that utilize laser technology:

“Where’s BBL?”

It may look like a few treatments are missing from this list. Many people believe that BBL (BroadBand Light) technology is a type of laser. However, this is technically not the case.

Also known as phototherapy, BBL treatments can offer a variety of benefits for the face and skin, such as acne or anti-aging, using light technology, rather than lasers.

These treatments include:

The difference is subtle. Many practices will continue referring to these as “lasers,” but understanding that light therapy and medical lasers have different purposes and capabilities is helpful in understanding the best treatment plans for your particular needs.

(The more you know!)

Do medical lasers hurt?

Depending on the treatment, most medical lasers are quite tolerable on the skin.

In Wichita, TR Aesthetics always helps to manage our clients’ discomfort. For those who are more sensitive to heat or pressure, we will fully discuss what to expect before your treatment so you feel prepared.

In general, the majority of our patients report little to no discomfort during and after treatment with a medical laser.

Should I talk to a doctor before being treated with medical lasers in Wichita?

TR Aesthetics’ physicians have over 20 years of experience to help ensure our patients’ health and safety are top priority.

We will discuss your past medical and gynecological history, as well as your overall lifestyle, to determine whether medical lasers will work for your needs.

If you would like us to work in conjunction with another dermatologist or physician, simply let our team know and we would be happy to discuss your aesthetic treatments with another provider to ensure your best interests are put first.

Lasers & Women’s Health

Women in the 21st century have much more freedom and flexibility than in the past. However, we are also statistically working longer hours in higher-stress positions, while still having children and maintaining a home for our families.

When was the last time mom made time for herself?

Women deserve to feel healthy, confident, and refreshed. Medical lasers in Wichita can help keep you going. For some women, that’s making much-needed improvements to the appearance of the skin. For others, that’s vaginal health.

TR Aesthetics will help you create a personalized plan based on your exact needs, and can use medical lasers in your journey to improving your overall health and wellness.

One of our most popular lasers to promote women’s health and wellness at TR Aesthetics is the diVa laser.

The DiVa Laser in Wichita

The diVa laser technology is FDA-cleared for ablation and coagulation of soft vaginal tissue.

This means that the diVa laser helps to promote and rejuvenate vaginal health using a resurfacing model.

This is accomplished by utilizing the world’s first and only revolutionary Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL) technology to treat and improve symptoms of:

  • Tissue Stretching from Childbirth
  • Vagina Dryness, Thinning & Inflammation
  • Painful Intercourse

This procedure is quick—only about 3-5 minutes per session—and has helped thousands of women across the country feel refreshed and confident after years of experiencing vaginal issues.

Generally, patients achieve optimal results after 3-4 sessions. Our physicians may suggest that you then return for one diVa treatment per year to maintain your results.

TR Aesthetics is happy to provide this medical laser in Wichita, and would love to help you determine whether or not the diVa laser treatment is right for you.

Hear more of Dr. Troutman’s thoughts on the diVa laser by watching the video below.

Versatile. Effective. Life Changing.

The diVa laser’s effects can be maximized by pairing it with other treatments or procedures, such as the O-Shot or the Vampire Wing Lift.

Combining these treatments is a strategy we use with many of our patients. Many women express to us that they feel relieved after even their first treatment. Effects of the diVa laser are noticeable sometimes rather quickly.

Who can get treated using medical lasers in Wichita?

Laser resurfacing is safe and effective for most of our female clients.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your past medical history to ensure you receive a customized, targeted treatment for your specific needs.

What is the diVa experience like?

From the diVa website:

diVa is thoughtfully designed to allow for comfort while delivering diVa’s automated rotation within the dilator. It is a well tolerated 3-5 minute procedure.

Patients will experience a slight pressure sensation. Topical anesthetic is used to ensure comfort.

Afterwards, many of our patients return to their daily routine with minimal discharging, spotting, or discomfort. Depending on your customized treatment, we may recommend a personalized treatment regimen, including avoiding sexual intercourse or tampon use for a longer period of time.

Please feel free to ask your provider any and every question you have before, during, and after your procedure so you remain comfortable throughout the process and happy with your outcome.

Why TR Aesthetics?

TR Aesthetics uses medical lasers in Wichita to help our clients look and feel their best.

We offer the best care in the field of aesthetics and strive to be one of the leading aesthetic centers in Wichita, and the country.

Expert Team
We employ highly trained physicians who perform our procedures. Trust that you’re in good hands with our 20+ years of aesthetics experience.

TR Aesthetics is the only aesthetic center in South Central Kansas where a physician will evaluate you, make your treatment plan, and perform your treatment.

The Latest Technology & Research
When you visit TR Aesthetics for laser resurfacing in Wichita, you don’t just get a treatment.

You get an experience backed by a team who consistently stays on top of the most current information and research out there.

This includes attending courses and seminars to refresh the skills we’ve already learned.

This is a dedicated, time-consuming process, but one that we take on as a great responsibility to our clients.

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