NanoLaser Peel

NanoLaser Peel Resurfacing in Wichita

NanoLaser Peel

The NanoLaser Peel Resurfacing treatment in Wichita KS uses a gentle power of light to instantly remove the dull layers of skin. You can literally have a treatment on Friday and show off your new skin on Monday.

Forget long appointments for chemical peels or microdermabrasion – choose the NanoLaser Peel Resurfacing in Wichita KS.


What It Treats

dull skin
damaged skin
pigmented skin
mild wrinkles
sun damage

Procedure Time

5 – 10 Minutes

Recovery Time

1 – 2 Days

Restore Your Glow

These peels are a great complement to injectable procedures such as Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers. There is minimal downtime of 1-2 days at which time your face feels soft and super smooth. Make-up goes on easily and blends flawlessly. You can indulge in a NanoLaser Peel Resurfacing in Wichita KS to restore your fresh glow.

Delivered with Precision

The NanoLaserPeel resurfacing in Wichita removes a thin layer (usually 4-9 microns) of damaged skin improving the skin texture to a more youthful appearance. Because the laser heat is administered with greater precision, it is superior to a microdermabrasion or chemical peel.

What to expect

During a NanoLaser Peel Resurfacing in Wichita, your skin will be cleansed and your eyes will be protected with safety shields. The physician will position the laser hand piece above the skin and will hold it in place as the computer-guided scanner moves the laser beam around the treatment area. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the procedure usually takes 5-10 minutes.


Dr Richardson is very kind and took the time to thoroughly explain the process.  She provided reassurance that left me feeling very comfortable.  As for the facility it is spectacular and very relaxing.  Not to mention seeing an actual MD!!

Brett McNeil



A professional yet relaxing environment; Dr. Richardson ensures you are confident with your expectations and process to get to the end result before ever starting your treatment; she truly cares for her patients and takes great pride in her work; Dr. Richardson has done botox, broad band light procedures, and cool sculpting on me personally and I am thrilled with my results!  Not to mention, it is very reassuring to see an actual MD!!!

Kelsey Curry-Swingle


From fillers, Botox and facials these Doctor and Angie are awesome. I’ll never go anywhere else

Angel Culver


I’ve followed Dr. Troutman from Wichita Clinic/Via Christi to Healing Waters and now to her new practice. Dr. Troutman provides the best of years of experience in medical aesthetics with genuine care for the patient. I look forward to continued services at her new location.

Catherine Shea


Dr. Troutman is a devoted Doctor who truly cares about each one of her patients and strives to make them feel their best. I have been lucky enough to be one of those patients for the past 10 years!

Kerry Pike


There is no other aesthetic practice in Wichita that has 2 trained and experienced performing the treatments with the best lasers and equipment available. Dr. Richardson and Troutman not only have an aesthetic eye but are also compassionate, kind and extremely knowledgeable. They have been performing my services for more than 15 years. I always know I will receive a safe an effective treatment while they still pay attention to my budget and they always meet my needs!!!

Mignon Brewster


I had the distinct privilege of working for Dr. Betty Troutman at the Wichita Clinic for 8 years. She is not only a perfectionist, a meticulous physician but a very warm, hands-on person who is an amazing, incredible doctor. She has treated me for facial treatments & procedures for a decade. I would never have any other physician treat my face, my skin or my body. I trust Dr. Troutman exclusively.

Joyce Middleton