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Read our June newsletter to see what we have going on here at Troutman Richardson Medical Aesthetics Center! In addition, learn about the growing number of males we are seeing in our office for aesthetics practices who are loving their results.

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It is a common misconception that women are the exclusive seekers of aesthetic treatments to improve their appearance or ‘turn back the clock’. The competitive job market and prevalent use of social media can be to blame. It is driving an increased desire among men to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance to allow them to keep their competitive edge. This trend isn’t slowing down. Our June newsletter digs into this deeper.

What do the numbers suggest?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, neurotoxins (such as Botox) are the #1 nonsurgical procedure for men. There has been an 84% increase over the past 5 years in the number of Botox procedures for men. Statistics for other procedures are trending, similarly. It has become much more socially acceptable for men to receive aesthetic services. Receiving treatments from an experienced provider is important to avoid feminizing the male face. Physician injectors understand what makes a man unique both biologically and behaviorally.

There really is a difference in men and women.

Before we explore the treatments available to men, it is best to first explain a few ways in which the skin of men and women differ. There are obvious differences between men and women. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, correct?  All jokes aside, a basic understanding of a few of these differences in skin structure and biochemistry is beneficial when selecting products and services.
There are visible differences between the skin structure of men and women. However, there are also differences that may not be as apparent. Men have higher testosterone levels, which makes their skin thicker with higher collagen content. Compared to women, men do not tend to develop as many fine lines and wrinkles on their face. This is a contributor to why “women seem to age faster”. Also, men usually have less subcutaneous fat versus women at baseline. Subcutaneous fat gives volume to the face and a softer, more youthful appearance. Over time, men can be prone to fairly profound volume loss vs. women and benefit greatly from products like dermal fillers or Sculptra.

Using fillers to get the desired chiseled jawline.

Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance the jawline or chin to provide a more chiseled look. Dermal fillers can also be used under the eye for men and women to eliminate the hollow, tired look.
Further sculpting of the jawline can be achieved with either Kybella injections or Coolsculpt. Kybella or the CoolMini application will work to achieve permanent reduction of fat under the chin and jawline improvement. Coolsculpt is the #1 FDA approved, noninvasive, permanent fat reduction procedure in the United States. It has minimal associated downtime and discomfort. Coolsculpt can be performed on many different areas of the body. For instance, a lot of men treat their flanks/love handles, abdomen, arms, and chest. The minimal associated downtime and discomfort are very appealing to active men and women, alike.

Differences in biochemistry when it comes to men and women.

There are also differences in the biochemistry of the skin between men and women (ahem, hormones). Due to testosterone, men secrete more sebum than women. This increased sebum in men is manifested by larger pores, blackheads, and possibly acne. That is to say, monthly facials and skin care products to address these issues can be very beneficial. Compared to men, women tend to show increased fibroblast cell growth which may lead to faster healing and less downtime from specific procedures. Men tend to sweat more than women. This creates the perfect environment for growth of bacteria. The additional sweat may also lead to a lower skin pH in men, very important when selecting skin care products. Our June newsletter features skincare made specifically for men.
Facial hair is usually an obvious difference between men and women. Frequent shaving can lead to irritation, redness, dryness, and ingrown hairs. Dedicated daily skin care products and routine hydrafacials/facials to address these concerns are an easy ‘fix’. Laser hair reduction has also gained popularity among men, whether on the face or body.
Men also have increased vascularity to their face which gives an appearance of increased facial redness and broken capillaries. Sciton’s BBL is the perfect treatment for these skin concerns. BBL has minimal downtime and minimal discomfort with a high return on results. It’s an appealing treatment for ANY busy individual.

Men and their lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle choices are also different between men and women. Men are less likely to wear sun protection, cleanse their face daily, and wear moisturizer. Day to day care/what you do at home, make a huge difference in the aging process. We simply can’t stress that enough.
Men and women undoubtedly have diverse needs and goals when it comes to aesthetic needs. Their aesthetic concerns and desired outcomes are driven by different concerns,physical makeup, lifestyle choices and influences, and as a result, practitioners must approach the genders accordingly.
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