July Newsletter

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Brilliant Distinctions is an award program that awards points for every Allergan treatment or product you purchase. These points translate in to money saved for all future purchases and or treatments. Every time you shop for products included in the Brilliant Distinction program, you will earn different level of points depending on the product.

After each appointment or visit into our office, we will put in your purchase or service for that day. You will then get an email notifying you that we have issued you points that correlate with what you received or purchased.
Before your next appointment or trip into make your product purchase, log in to you Brilliant Distinctions account. Redeem your points for a coupon that you can use when you get to our office.
It is always faster and easier
on you to do this at home, before coming to see us.

In other words, you could be rewarded for getting Botox.

Save on Coolsculpt.

Earn for Juvederm fillers.

Get rewarded with SkinMedica.

Join Brilliant Distinctions today



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