April Newsletter

Take a look at our April newsletter as it is full of specials. In addition, learn more about Coolsculpting. Hear how to pick the perfect provider.

How to make an educated decision regarding who performs your treatment:

Many men & women will seek professional cosmetic aesthetic services. To achieve the optimal results and reduce the risks of complications one must choose the right procedure. One must choose the right products. Most importantly choose the most qualified health care professional to provide the treatment.

Qualified provider or merely an investor?

Remember, just because services are available at a “Medical Spa” doesn’t indicate there is always a physician on site. If physicians are on site they may not actually be trained to provide the service. They may be merely an owner or investor. Select states require licensed physicians to provide aesthetic services such as injections, lasers, and light based treatments.  However, many states require these services be provided by a registered nurse or physician’s assistant. A licensed physician still needs to be supervising. With that being said, aesthetician or nonmedical staff should never perform these services.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

How do you know if your health care professional is qualified? Ask your physician about his or her credentials. Ask the other health care professional about their licensure. Who provided their training and who is supervising them? Even common procedures such as Botox injections require training to ensure the product is mixed correctly. It then must be injected correctly to achieve the best results and avoid complications.
Never hesitate to ask about the training and credentials of the person performing your treatment and if at any time, you don’t feel comfortable with the answers, find someone else to perform the service.

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